Teacher Resources: Nouns

 Here, you will find material covered in class to practice.


Circle the correct answer below.

  1. What type of noun is flock?
  1. Proper                             B. collective                          C.both
  1. What type of noun is desk?
  1. Common                         B.concrete                            C. both
  1. What type of noun is love?
  1. Abstract                          B. concrete                           C. possessive
  1. What type of noun is Jacob’s shirt?
  1. Plural                               B. Possessive                        C. Common
  1. What type of noun is Saturday?
  1. Common                         B. Proper                              C. Collective
  1. What type of noun is concrete?
  1. Faith                                 C. hope                                  C. Walmart
  1. Give 3 examples of plural nouns.
  2. Give 3 examples of possessive nouns.