Teacher Resources: Story Guide-La Bamba


Pages 48-52 (purple text) Pages 19-24 (blue text)


  1. What time of year does this story take place? ____________________________
  2. Who is the main character in the story? ________________________________
  3. How many children are in the family? ________________________________
  4. What song was he doing to sing at the talent show? ______________________
  5. Why did he volunteer to be in the talent show?





  1. What happened when Benny blew his trumpet at the practice?



  1. What did Manuel’s father do for a living? __________________________
  2. What was the name of the school having the talent show? ___________________
  3. What was Manuel’s last name? ________________________________
  4. How many brothers _____ and sisters ____ did he have?
  5. Why was Manuel mad at his brother?



  1. Why did the audience burst into applause while Manuel was signing?



  1. What happened that embarrassed Manuel while he was singing?



  1. What did the kids say to Manuel about his act?




Literary Focus


Protagonist- ___________________________

Antagonist- ___________________________

Conflict- ______________________________

Point of View- _________________________

Setting- _______________________________

Simile- _______________________________


Example- ____________________________________________________________


“LaBamba” Vocabulary


  1. mingle- to associate with someone


  1. debut- a first public appearance


  1. limelight- being in the public eye; everyone looking at you


  1. intently- very attentive; paying close attention


  1. hygiene- rules of health