Teacher Resource: Verbs--Action, Helping, and Linking

Verbs--Action, Helping, Linking

**Helping verbs "help" out the main verb in a sentence. In order to have a helping verb, you must have a main(another) vreb in the sentence to help.

Ex. She is riding to the store.    is--helping verb because it helps out "riding"---action verb/main verb

Two or more verbs working together in the sentence is called: verb phrase

Ex. She should be cleaning the room.   should be cleaning--verb phrase

Linking Verb-- Links subject to predicate...the same words as helping verbs, but the linking verb works alone in the sentence--it does not help anything

Ex. She is at the store.-----"is" that's the linking verb in this sentence



This is a great attachment/webpage PDF to practice the 3 verbs!! plus, it gives an answer key to check your answers!!



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