Summer Activities

Having a child with special needs may require alternative activities and camps for them to participate in.  Below is a list of more appropriate camps and services to help better meet the needs of children with specific needs.

Summer Camps

  • Eden Florida  (239) 384-5620 x 5510  Attention: Jackie


$300 per week -8:30 -2:307 weeks6/18/2012 – 8/3/2012

Specifically for children with autism

Activities designed for social communication – extension of IEP goals 3:1 or 4:1 ratio

  • Collier County Parks and Recreation   (239) 252-4187  Attention : Chrissie Kane

Therapeutic Recreation Camp - Two different levels of functioning

Golden Gate Library- students with needs of assistance with feeding and/or toileting.

North Collier Regional Park – higher level


$600 for summer (field trips included)

  • City of Naples (239) 213-3037  Lynn Clark (239) 216-6807

Elementary/Mid/High school camp at Riverpark

Elementary school camp already full

Will take all disabilities/levels of functioning.

$600 for summer (field trips included)

  • Able Summer Camp  (239) 352-7600  Attention:  Jennifer

Week sessions during summer

The cost of the summer program depends on the needs of the child. An assessment is done and  based on that assessment they will determine what the cost will be. Please feel free  to check out their website, and click on the center tab at the bottom of the home page, “Interested Families”, it will ask for a password and the password is, tellmemore  Within that section of the website there are documents pertaining to scholarship applications and community resources that might be available. 

  • After School Program  (previously Pat’s Kids Club )  (239) 436-3960

Four different locations(Corkscrew Elementary,Seagate Elementary, Big Cypress Elementary, Calusa Park Elementary)

Will consider special needs children on individual basis.  They have accepted several of our students in the past.  Only request is that the child must be toilet trained.

  • YMCA    (239) 597-3148

No special arrangements for special needs students. Will consider special needs children on individual basis.

  • Lighthouse of Collier, Inc.  Center for Blindness and Vision Loss   Attention : Kathleen
    (239) 430-3934   424 Bayfront Place, Naples, FL 34102

        This camp is specifically for students with visual impairments who are receiving services for the blind.

July 9 – August 3, 2012.  Free of charge.