Literacy Websites

Literacy Webistes

Here, I will list several websites that will be helpful to you and your children throughout the semester.

No Fear Shakespeare:
This site has all of the Shakespearean literature that we will be covering put into modern English so it is easy to read. I want every student to read the plays and poems in their original context but I always encourage them to check out this site if they are having any difficulties. There are also plot summaries, character analyzations, and themes and motifs explained in this site.

Many of the poems, novels, and short stories that we will be reading are covered on this website. Students can find helpful notes and summaries about characters here so they can use it as an aid while reading. Most teachers shy away from recommending this site but I believe that as long as the students are actually reading the material, this site is very helpful!

Adolescent Literacty:
This website has a lot of good resources for parents concerning their adolescent's literacy, but there are also things for students as well. The page that I have linked you to is the "fun" page; it has writing contests, word play games, the daily fun quiz and a few other activities for your student.

Practice Worksheets:
There are hundreds of terrific practice worksheets on here and many of them have keys included so you can check the work once it is completed. There are materials on this site that are good for grades K-12!