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    Global Studies is a comprehensive study of the world’s history and geography from 4000 B.C. through the present.  The 10th Grade curriculum encompasses world history from the 1700s to contemporary times.  At the end of the sophomore year, students take a comprehensive Regents exam that includes all the material from both years.  Students must pass this New York State Regents exam to graduate from high school.

     Major objectives for all Tenth Grade Social Studies students include the following:

       · to gain an appreciation for the impact of global history on the world today.

· to learn about cultures around the globe.

· to focus on relevant Social Studies concepts, along with improving reading, writing and critical thinking skills, that will help students be successful on the Global Studies Regents and other coursework at Maple Hill.

· To use works of literature and primary source readings to gain a richer understanding of history.

· To relate history to current events and to analyze the importance of world events to our lives. Students will be asked to share their thoughts in discussions and debates.

Units of Study:

· The Age of Absolutism

· The Enlightenment

· The French Revolution and Napoleon

· The Industrial Revolution

· Revolutions in Europe and Latin America in the 1800s

· Nationalism  and the growth of western democracies

· The growth of imperialism

· World War I

· The Russian Revolution

· The Interwar Period

· World War II

· The World Since 1945

             - Europe

            - Asia

            - Middle East

            - Africa

            - Latin America 


Grading Policy

   Grades are calculated on a total point system and each assignment is given a value.  For example, a homework assignment may be worth 10 or possibly 20 points, while a test is usually worth 100 points.  At the end of a quarter points will be tallied and divided into a percentage. 

Test Policy for Absentees

   Students who are absent on the date of a test or quiz are expected to take the exam on the date they return to class. Students will take the exam in an alternate location during the class period.


All homework must be turned in complete and on time.  Students who are absent are expected to turn in their assignment the day they return.  If a homework assignment is not turned in on the due date, students will not receive any credit. Occasionally, I will give an unannounced quiz instead of collecting the homework. Students can refer to their homework for these quizzes.

At the end of the quarter, I will drop the lowest homework or quiz grade worth 15 points or less.

For individual and group projects, students will lose 10 points for each day the project is late.

   All work must be written in pen or typed. Please do not e-mail your homework or papers unless I give you individual permission. If you cannot type a paper, you are welcome to write it in pen. 

     Test/Final Review Sessions

   I am always available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school to help students with assignments and for test review. I am usually available on Monday and Friday if a student lets me know in advance that they would like to stay after school.

   It is recommended that students come in for review before a unit test.

   Several review sessions will be held at the end of the year before the Regents exam.

Remember, if you are absent, it is your responsibility to:

· Get the missed notes from a classmate or the teacher 

· Check with the teacher for handouts

· Make up missed homework, quizzes and tests 

Academic Integrity

   Students who turn in work that is not their own either because they copy from a test or homework assignment from a classmate, share their homework with a classmate, or take material directly from a book, magazine etc., without citing the source, are engaging in plagiarism.  Copying from another source is considered cheating and will not be tolerated in this class.   

   The first time a student will be given a 0 on the assignment and your parents will be called.  A 0 will be assigned for both a small homework assignment as well as for a major project. There will be no opportunity to recover points in this circumstance. A second offense will result in the same punishment, along with a meeting with parents and the principal.

   We will spend a great deal of time this year on the research process so students know how to cite sources correctly and rephrase material in their own words.