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Breakdown of Relaxed Sydney Catering Styles

You have different options for service style when it comes to your wedding or other important events. You should consider relaxed Sydney paella catering styles before even deciding on whether to use fish fillets or chicken in the main course. This is what you should know about the serving styles. You can decide which one best serves your needs after going through.

What to Consider

First thing to think about is the time of day your event will be happening. You will need more than appetizers if it’s a dinner time party but a five course meal isn’t necessary for brunch time. Pick your stress-free Sydney catering style according to the time. 
The formality of your event should also be considered. You have to employ sit down menus for a formal event. Sometimes, you can get away with buffet but you cannot make it less formal than that.

The type of guests you will be having also plays a part. You can employ more relaxed catering Sydney with younger people than elderly guests. Elderly guests prefer to sit down while more energetic young guests will feel sitting down is a bore. You should also consider a buffet might be the best option for many guests as opposed to sit down meals since it will take a longer time to serve everyone and hungry guests will become impatient. 

With all the rules and regulation on ground, your personal preference still matters a great deal. Go for the style you like the most, it’s your event.

The Styles

Buffet: food is displayed at different stations or one long table. You can put out a variety and the guests have the liberty of choosing what they want to eat. Comfortable catering Sydney can be sophisticated with waiters aiding guests to serve. Socializing and mingling is an advantage of this style. People might eat more because they have no restrictions so costs might not be lesser for buffets.

Plate Meals: is a very formal style where guests are seated throughout and served by well-dressed waiters. You can add twists to this style and make it more of a laid back Sydney catering style by making it a family style with guests passing bowls of food to each other. Although you need waiters, the cost is not excessive since you can control how much guests are eating.

Tapas Reception: there is no full meal in this style which makes it a very relaxed catering Sydney style. It is great for short, cocktail styled events happening late afternoon or evening time. This is the perfect fit for anyone with a tight budget for an event.

Family Style: food is served in large bowls and passed around the table. It is fun and family oriented not to mention a very easy Sydney catering style. This is a good way to control food quantity while also providing variety. It is a budget friendly choice.


There are different relaxed Sydney catering styles for serving food at events. With this guide, you can put the correct factors in consideration and select the right style for you.