Learning Tips

Ways to help your child at home

*Work on practicing letter identification and sounds
*Counting-working our way up to 100 without skipping any numbers
*Making patterns using things around your house, such as forks, spoons, cups, toys
*Sorting different items by size, color and shape
*Practice writing their first and last name
*Reading with your child the guided reading book EVERY night
*Practice tying shoes


Sight Words


Each week we will also be learning brand new words.  We call these words "Sight Words".  The words that we learn will help us become awesome readers and writers.  Below is a list of all of our sight words for the year. Please help your child to read and write these words.

I   a   the   to   my    am    an    and    are    at    big    can    come    down    for    go    has    have    he    here    in    is    it    like    little    look    me    no    of    on    play    said    see    she    that    there    they    up    was    we    went    where    will     with    you


Remember the Pizza Hut Book It Program! 

This can give your child a little extra encouragment to read.  If they fill up their reading chart each month, they will receive a coupon for a FREE personal pan pizza!  If you would like to find out more about this program, log onto www.bookitprogram.com