Accelerated Readers

In my classroom, once a student shows me their ability to read a Level 1 PM Benchmarking Book, I allow them to start checking out AR books from the library. You will know it is an AR book because it will have a colored circle tag on the spine of the book.  When your child brings home an AR book allow them to read it as independently as possible.  Some of the books my be a slight more difficult to read - - but by doing this I am giving your new reader a challenge and desire to improve their reading.  Please read their AR book at least 3 times with them--ask comprehension questions along the way.  Once you and your child have done this, please bring the book back to school so the child can take a comprehension test over their AR book.  The student's first milestone goal is 1 pt.  At the level they are reading now the point value is .5.   As your child becomes a more advanced reader those point values will go up.  At each point milestone they are able to earn a prize for being such an awesome reader!