About The Production Standard Of Plastic Pipe Fitting Injection Mould

There are many plastic pipe fittings around us, and they can be seen everywhere, but do you know that plastic pipe fittings are made by a plastic pipe fitting injection mould ? So what are the standards for plastic pipe fitting injection mould?

To improve the quality of molds and minimize complaints about mold quality problems, the molds are handed over to customers' satisfaction, and common problems in mold manufacturing are summarized and summarized. Standards are established and implemented as required. 1. For mold blanks smaller than 2020, prying pits are required between the a and b plates; mold blanks larger than 2020, including the thimble plates, must be prying pits.

Exhaust grooves should be machined on the guidepost and guide sleeve of the mold blank to prevent the guide post and guide sleeve from straining. There must be no sharp corners on the mold and chamfering is required. Except where specified. .The inner mold and mold parts shall not be welded without consent. Exhaust grooves must be opened on the periphery of the molded product. For the specifications of the exhaust grooves, please refer to the mold design manual.

However, thin wall plastic mold also have their standards. Almost all molds are made with their standards and rules.