Introduce The Structure Of Reflex Electroform Mold Insert

Many people shouldn't have heard of Reflex Electroform Mold Insert , so naturally, they don't understand it. Today we will talk about Reflex Electroform Mold Insert.

Product use requirements can be divided into performance requirements and appearance quality (decoration and matching requirements), where the appearance quality is directly related to the mold structure.

The relationship between the use requirements of simple skeleton products and the mold structure: For example, the shape of the skeleton product is relatively simple, but due to the matching requirements during use, the surface of the insert in the product is not allowed to have rubber edges or flash bonding, which gives the mold structure The design brings certain difficulties, because the rubber is permeable during the pressurization, heating and vulcanization process. Experiments have shown that when the fit-gap in the mold is less than or equal to 0.01, the rubber can also be occupied, resulting in flashing of the product. Therefore, mold designers should understand the vulcanization process and surface treatment methods of rubber skeleton products, so that they can take various measures to ensure the appearance requirements of the above-mentioned products.

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