Plastic Dustbin Mould VS Toilet

Many people will consider whether it is better to throw toilet paper in the trash can or put it in the toilet. Generally speaking, it is better to throw toilet paper in the trash can. This will ensure that the toilet will not be blocked. Of course, the trash can should be dumped and cleaned every day. , It will be safer and more hygienic.

According to a recent article in the British "Guardian", some things poured into the toilet can easily block the sewers, and these blockages usually require workers to clean them manually. Therefore, they should be separated before throwing out the garbage.

(1) Leftover soup. Soup with oil, vegetables with fatty meat, etc. cannot be poured directly into the toilet. Vegetable soup and other fat-containing vegetables can easily slip into the sewer when they have a certain temperature, but when they come into contact with the sewer and cool down, they will condense into solid fat. The condensed fat often sticks to paper towels, debris, etc., causing serious blockage, so it is not suitable to be introduced into the toilet.

(2) Condoms and other rubber products. Under normal circumstances they are difficult to rush down. But once they are washed down, they will be filled with air, blocking the flow of water and causing blockage.

(3) Chicken bones and fish bones. Although they are not big, they can easily "block" impurities and cause blockage.

(4) Diapers, sanitary napkins and wet wipes. They will be blocked at the U-shaped tube under the toilet. People can only pass them down when unclogging, but they will cause more serious congestion in other places.

Since you can't pour into the toilet, you can only prepare a trash can. At this time, a good Plastic Dustbin Mould is the top priority of a plastic trash can. You must choose carefully.