Special Pallets For Industrial Tray Molding

Through the research of most Industrial tray molding manufacturers, more and more goods have been discovered. In order to use pallets more efficiently, the manufacturers have made some optimizations. The optimized pallet is more suitable for the needs of goods. Do you know a lot about special special trays? Today I will tell you about the characteristics of the three special trays.

Let's take a look, what are their characteristics!

The first is the tire-specific pallet. We all know that there are many types of tire-specific pallets. In many automobile logistics warehouses, the pallets used are different. Generally, our normal-sized tires can be stacked and stored on plastic pallets. Of course, if it is a special specification, you can choose other types of pallets. The biggest requirement for tire-specific pallets is high load-bearing capacity and good impact resistance. The use of plastic pallets with smart smart devices can greatly improve the efficiency of loading, unloading and storage.

The second type is a special tray for oil drums, which is a deformation based on the performance of the original tray. It is a special-shaped flat pallet for storing and shipping standard oil drums. There are wavy grooves or side panels on both sides to fix the oil drum and prevent it from rolling off. Its design can be stacked in multiple layers to improve the storage and transportation capacity of goods.

The third type is the flocking inner tray. The flocking inner tray is a blister tray made of special materials. It glues a layer of velvety material on the surface of the ordinary plastic hard sheet, so that the surface of the tray has a velvety feel, which is used to improve the quality of the packaging.

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