The Parting Surface Of Plastic Electrical Appliance Mould

The molding of electrical parts relies on various molds such as sheet metal stamping, plastic, foaming, and adsorption, so electrical appliances and plastic electrical appliance mould are closely related.

The part is mainly cylindrical, and there are four stiffeners at the upper position. Special attention should be paid to this part when designing the mold, and the structure should be further improved; there is also to inject the upper part of the sink. Hole, it is necessary to adopt the lateral core pulling mechanism, and the lateral core pulling is also a key consideration in the design; although the requirements of the part are not very high when designing the mold, some economical and practical method improvements should be considered. The structure of the mold is expected to achieve the best design effect and contribute to the actual production.

The parting surface should be selected in the gray part of the figure, where the discharge will not be smooth during the whole process, and it is at the largest cross-section, so the parting surface should be selected here. In addition, it is also considered that there is a lateral core-pulling mechanism on the upper part of the plastic part. To facilitate the design and manufacture of the mold structure, as well as the demoulding and removal of the plastic part, a secondary parting is adopted.

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