Developing as a Professional Educator

Professional Growth Goal

My professional growth goal this year was to building community focus.  I would do this by creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning 

I wanted to create and maintain a classroom that builds positive relationships and communities among the students.  To do this I needed to ensure I created and maintained an effective environment for my students where they felt safe to make mistakes, ask questions, and feel accepted by all.

 What actions did I take to achieve my goal?  I first assessed and reviewed my students and their current IEPs, to determine what their needs are, and so I can support them in their education. Next, I searched for technology and resources that could support students gain access and understanding of content at their independent level.  I wanted to ensure I created activities that were fun and engaging to prevent disruption in their education and behaviors from students who may feel frustration of learning from the "traditional way".  I recognize many of our students live in a digital world and stay entertained in this element.  I too had to create an  innovative way to promote learning for my student of the 21st century.

How will you assess goal attainment?  I would perform informal assessments on content area.  Many activities I used, allow this through the check for understanding feature.  I also observed and made charted notes on which activities and apps were beneficial for my students', there learning and their needs.  Lastly, I reviewed student participation points through the Class Dojo, where I was able to reflect how students worked together in my classroom community.

Actions I Will Take to Remain a Connected Educator

I will continue to collaborate and consult with my team and colleagues. I will explore various activities and methods of delivery to ensure I am providing instruction that supports my students indvidual needs.  I will stay fluent and active in the IEP process  ensuring the team meets in a timely manner and all areas of need are reviewed and discussed.

How I will Sustain my Energy to Remain Passionate?  I will ensure I have time to self reflect and decompress when needed.  I will continue to relive stress that I may harbor from my profession by maintaining a healthy diet and continue physical exercise and meditation time to support my emotional needs.  Lastly, I will Continue to set time for me and my family to bond with one another and show love and support for each other.

 What Advice do I Have for New Teachers Entering the Profession?  To the new teachers I have to say be open-minded and flexible.  Allow schedules to change when needed as well as the lessons you create.  Just as we teach our students about Growth Mindsets, mistakes happen and we can definitely learn from them.  Lastly, I believe its important to remember students want to know that overall, you care about them and that you are there for them.  They may not remember how to read a Topographic Map, but they definitely will remember a teacher who took time out to get to know them, smiled at them when they entered the class and ask how they are doing?  To help build a positive community in the classroom you have to set a positive example.