Contributing to the Profession

My Contribution to the Profession

I enjoy exploring and applying many new apps that can support all my students and their needs with the education.  Here are a few resources I feel work very well in the special day class and learning centers.  You can click on the titles below to futher explore each resource.

                                                                            EDPuzzle                                              NEWSELA                                                                                                                                                 

                                                     Class Dojo                                                                    Prodigy Math Games


                                                          Descriptions of Resources That Support Academic Needs  Socrative gives teachers an ability to quickly assess their students' understanding of the content in a fun and engaging activity.  Students can get immmedite feedback to the questions as well as race with each other to see who can make it to the finsih line!  Students complete self-paced lessons about a given video topic.  They can check for understanding with comperhension quesitons  that follow along with the video.  Teachers can track students' lesson; view how many times their student watched the video and  how they responded to the questions.  Newesla offers many current event articles for students at any reading level.  Teachers can assign these articles at the students appropriate level that they can read, write about, and take quizzes on independently.  Prodigy math is a tool used for students to sharpen their math skills.  They first take an intial assessment to place them in their  independent math calculation levels, then work on certain math concepts in a fun and angaging way.  

Want Help Managing Your Class? 

Class Dojo is a great resource to help connect teachers, parents and students in your classroom.   It not only allows you to track and support students' behavior, but you can use it as a tool to welcome your student's families to utilize too.  Students and their families can create an account to see the progress of their student: participation, behavior, communicate with the teacher and more.  Teachers can post videos, pictures, and information about school or class happenings. 

This ap is one of my favorites that I constantly use in my classroom! heart