This month we will be learning about each other as we explore the theme, "All About Me."

Language Arts

Each child will create a book about themselves. This is a project that the child and parent will complete together as a home project. They can list facts about themselves, their family, pets, and their favorite activities and hobbies. It can include photos, magazine pictures, drawings or any other visual effects. Each day for the rest of the month, we will begin our day by having a child share their book with the class.

Social Studies

We will explore different community helpers and careers and at the end of the study each child will get to choose a a job they hope to have when they grow up. During art, each child will create a art project with pictures of their favorite comunity helper or career. During Writing, each child will create a story about their community helper. We will compile the artwork and stories into a clasbook to be kept in our classroom library.


For math, we will explore charting. We will chart, "Our Favorite Community Helper" to determine which helper is the most popular. WE will also create and chart about individual characteristics, favorite colors, pets, number of family members student's who have brothers/sisters.