Assessment Modification Ideas

Simple Tips for Modifying Assessments

KEY IDEA- provide access to the curriculum

Write clear and simple instructions.

  • Scaffold instructions (especially instructions that ask students to list, explain, and give examples)
  • Simplify the terminology or concepts.
  • Reduce the number of items on the test.
  • Reduce the number of distracters on multiple-choice tests. (Teach them how to eliminate distracters via a model) Ex: NOT  A. because ………..

NOTE: Students arriving to the U.S at the beginning of the year will not be accountable for State Assessments. They don’t need to be use to four distracters on a test.

  • Use visuals on tests when possible (e.g. charts, graphs, maps, icons, movie maker, etc)
  • Underline , highlight or put in BOLD print to point out important words in test directions or test items.
  • Vary test format (e.g. written, oral, short answer, multiple choice, true-false, matching, yes-no, demonstration testing, open book notes/notes, take home)
  • Change fill-in-the-blank to multiple choice. Provide a word bank.
  • Provide a clear test copy.
  • Give more objective than subjective items.
  • Allow more time for test completion or grade only on what the student can finish.
  • Block matching questions into smaller groups (e.g. 5/5/5/rather than group of 15).
  • Use open note/book tests. Provide page #’s of textbook to find answers.
  • Provide the opportunity to have the test read orally by a teacher or with the software Read, Write, Gold.
  • Provide students with sample questions or a study guide in advance
  • Embed clues whenever possible