EL Instructional Assistants

ESL Assistants

The EL instructors assigned to your building are able to collaborate with you to ensure that every student achieves success.

They have been trained in SIOP, assessment and know strategies to support you in reaching EL students in your classroom.


What can your ESL Assisant be expected to do?

*  You can consult with your instructional assistant about test and instructional modifications for your EL's.

*  You can consult with him or her about scaffolding ideas

*  You can supply them with background information, or information on upcoming curriculum activities so they can prepare ahead of time for each EL. 

* You can ask them to arrange to do a home visit with the family of an EL student.

* You can expect them to follow  scheduled times unless they have notified you.

What not to expect them to do:

*  to take a group with NO EL's

*  to grade papers

* to make copies or do secretarial type duties

* to act as a substitute teacher

* to make classroom lesson plans ( but they will be there to give the support and stragies needed to help reach EL students)

* to teach a whole classroom situation