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What Causes the Surface of The Carpet and How to Remove Them | UAE Carpets


If the sudden appearance of wrinkles and ripples on the carpet makes you cringe every time you step on or look at it, then we will provide you with a suitable Patchwork Rugs solution. The curvature of the carpet occurs when there is too much moisture in the environment, even when large objects such as furniture move on the carpet. If it happens on the carpet between the walls, it is more troublesome, because usually, it means you have to work hard to solve the problem. However, if the carpet is bent for too long, it may leave creases on the carpet, which even experts cannot repair.

Therefore, when repairing carpets, it is wise to take preventive measures instead of looking for a cure.

What is the root cause?

Before continuing to try to find a buckle rug, it is wise to understand the cause of the rug from the beginning. This will not only help you find the best treatment, but it will also prevent you from bending again in the future.

Here are some of the most common causes of carpet bending:

The carpet is still wet from cleaning;

After cleaning the carpet, folding the carpet is one of the most common causes of wrinkles and eventually wrinkles. If your carpet is not completely dry after washing, it means there is still moisture in it, which may cause wrinkles and browning. Moisture will swell the carpet and eventually cause unsightly wrinkles on the surface.

Every time you wash the carpet, make sure it has been burnt so that the fibers can be restored to their previous state.

Moisture is indeed one of the biggest enemies on the carpet. If it is not resolved, it will definitely cause the carpet to bend. If you live in a humid place, the carpet is more likely to bend because moisture will seep into the carpet. If the moisture is restored to sufficient reserves so that the fiber can be recalibrated to its original state, it is likely that it will flatten without reinforcement.

Drag furniture or other heavy objects on the carpets

Expect that in a house, you have to redesign the furniture and move other heavy objects from one place to another from time to time. However, if your carpet is full of walls, then this may be a risky operation, as objects will pull the carpet and stretch it. This stretching will eventually cause the carpet to bend.

Incorrect installation

Carpet cracks after cleaning are not the only thing that needs attention. Sometimes improper installation of the carpet may be the cause of bending the carpet. It is very important to install the wall carpet carefully, tie it firmly, and then use adhesive tape along its edges.

If the stretch is not tight enough, the chance of the carpet cracking is high.

Carpet pad error

We cannot fully emphasize how important the correct carpet is to your carpet. It should be compact enough to support the carpet and fit the size of the carpet.

Loose support

The wide floor has two backrests-the main backrests: fixed to the fiber, the second one binds the carpet together. The secondary back is the back seen on the back of the Patch Work Rugs Dubai when it is turned over. The process of separating the secondary support from the primary support is called delamination. It may cause the rubber adhesive to rupture. It allows the top of the carpet to move freely and eventually bend. Delamination is a condition that usually occurs when the carpet is wet or has manufacturing defects.