Test Taking Tips

English Language Arts Test Taking Tips

·      Eat a hearty breakfast.

·      Get plenty of rest.

·      Stay focus. Don’t let anything distract you. Remember this is the real test.

·      Pace yourself. Bring a watch with you on the day of the test. If you do not have one, look at the clock in the classroom.

·      Take deep breaths and relax because you have done this before.

·      Think positive.

Multiple Choice Questions

·      Always try your best. Choose the best answer. Remember there is only one right answer.

·      Try not to spend too much time on one question.

·      Never leave any questions blank. Circle the question or write some kind of notation to show where you are having a problem with the question. Make sure to go back to the question and answer it.

·      Make sure you bubble in the correct answer next to the correct number.

Short and Extended Response

·      Do not start the sentence with a pronoun such as it, she, and they. Be specific about who these people are.

·      Fill up more than the lines that are provided. The more you have the better. Even if you have some incorrect information, you can still receive full credit if you have enough correct details!

·      In your first sentence restate the question to help you stay on track. Include a thesis statement. If a title is given, include it in your introduction.

·      For every answer you give, include at least two supporting details based on the text. Ask yourself, “What does the text say?” Elaborate on your ideas.

·      Support your ideas with examples and details from the text.

·      Include a conclusion that restates the thesis statement, provides your personal opinion, or leaves the reader with something to think about regarding the ideas presented.

·      Clearly organize and express your ideas and thoughts.

·      Always use your own words. Rephrase what the author has written. Use your own voice to make your writing exciting for your reader to read.

·      Use transitional words such as first, second, last to make your writing flow.

·      When you are finished with the test, go back and check your work.

·      Make sure you have answered ALL the tasks by rereading the tasks. Place a check mark or cross out the ones you have already done.

·      Proofread your work to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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