Holiday parties

Holiday Parties

Beginning of year party- You can bring... food (pretzels, chips ,fruit, dessert,etc.), drinks(water, juice, etc.) you can also donate two dollars for party decorations.Cool

Our next party will be for Halloween. You can bring the same things that you could bring for the Beggining of year party. It was food (pretzels, chips, fruit, desserts, etc.). I will send home a paper in your childs Friday Folder where it says what you can bring. Make sure you give it to your child to bring to school

For the Christmas party you will be filling out a slip that tells what you can bring. The slip will be going home in your childs Friday folder two weeks before the party. We will be having a pancake party. You do not have to feed your child breakfast that day. We will be doing a book exchange. You can pick a book or buy a book that is $5.00 or under. Please bring a book that everyone will enjoy!