Class Guidelines

Welcome to Mrs. Porath’s Class!


As your teacher, I agree to establish a safe learning environment for all my students, provide lessons from our history that will be fun and meaningful, and create opportunities for all class members to share their knowledge and feel included. With this promise, I will do my part to be prepared and be willing to teach and learn from others.

I expect that you, as a student, will agree to arrive to class on time, be prepared, and be willing to learn. You will strive to accomplish the tasks assigned and be the best student and person you can be, this includes, being courteous to your fellow students and following the school and class rules.

School Rules:             

*You can find these rules on the Mount Vernon Academy website at .

Class Rules:                            

1.       Come prepared to class

2.       Be respectful of yourself and others

3.       Be on Time

4.       Obey all school rules


All grades are based on points. I do not curve tests, but if I find that majority of the students missed a certain question I may throw out that question. There are opportunities to makeup work and earn back missed points.

I DO NOT DO MAKEUP TESTS---you may work out a time to take a test before your vacation, family reunion, funeral, etc. If an emergency occurs, we will work together to have you take the test.

Late/Make-up work:                        

Like tests, I do not accept late work. If you are going to be absent, you can request homework ahead of time. If an emergency occurs, we will work together.

Extra Credit:               

There will be opportunities for extra credit throughout the year. If you find that your grade is low and would like to raise it, you may complete a National Geographic assignment. Please read the criteria for the assignment or it will be counted as a “0”.