Ch 13 Understanding Muscular System

Chapter 13:  Understanding the Muscular System


Due: Friday, March 8, 2013



*Be sure to use the CORNELL notes format on your own paper. 

  (1 point will be deducted if these directions are not followed.)


Vocabulary: Please define each term completely.


  1.  Atrophy

  2.  Cartilage

  3.  Concentric contraction

  4.  Eccentric contraction

  5.  Fast twitch muscle fiber

  6.  Hypertrophy

  7.  Intermediate fast twitch muscle fiber

  8.  Ligament

  9.  Muscle

10.  Muscular endurance

11.  Muscular strength

12.  Slow twitch muscle fiber

13.  Static contraction

14.  Tendon

15.  Testosterone



Essential Questions:  Please answer each question using complete sentences.


1.  Describe the difference between muscular strength and endurance?


2.  Identify health problems associated with lack of muscular strength or endurance.


3.  What are the effects of exercise on the muscular system?


4.  What is the basic structure of a muscle?