Crossword Review





3) Moving stretches used to warm up for sports

4) The phase of the workout when the heart rate should come down to 100-120 beats per minute

6) A thinning of the bones which contributes to bone fractures

7) A buildup of plaque and narrowing on the inside of arterial walls

11) Type of exercise used to develop explosive strength

12) During the alarm stage the body prepares for fight or ……….

14) The ability of a muscle group to continue muscle movement over a length of time is muscular

15) Goals which provide a milestone in efforts to achieve a long-term goal

18) Substances produced naturally by the body, available for release during periods of extreme stress or pain

19) An individual who represents harmful and/or useless practices as beneficial

21) Device for measuring the number of steps you take

23) When a muscle becomes smaller because of non-use

24) Choose the ………. life!

26) A nutrition supplement which claims it boosts the energy supply in muscles

27) Lack of .... in the diet can lead to osteoporosis

28) Blood vessels that move blood away from the heart




1) Stress brought about by negative events

2) A testosterone-building agent

4) A muscle contraction in which one end of the muscle remains stationary while the other end pulls and turns the bone about the joint. Also known as a shortening contraction

5) Muscular ….. is affected by the intake of alcohol

8) Someone who assists the weightlifter

9) A static muscle contraction against an immovable resistance

10) Drugs that increase urine production and the loss of water by the body

13) Establish a ……. system for achievement of your goals

16) The ….. test is a method of measuring the intensity of your workout

17) After you have carried out your plan for 6 weeks, you should …….it

18) A muscle contraction which involves a gradual release of the contraction; often termed a lengthening or negative contraction

20) The two bottom chambers of the heart

22) It is important to put your goals in ……..

25) Stress brought about by positive events