Speaking Exam

Keep your talking forward
Use wide range of grammatical structure if you can
Ensure that you use grammar accurately.
Speak clearly
Speak with natural rhythm and intonation
Speak at a normal rate
 Relevance and Adequacy
Use most or all of the time provided to you in each part of the test.
Give specific details and examples.
Include in your talk only information that directly relates to the question that have been asked.
Time of Examination:
Class 1          5-6  (1:10 p.m)  June 19 Tuesday  2#108
Class 2          7-8  (2:50 p.m)  June 19  Tuesday 2#316
Scoring of the Exam:
Performance on the exam will be rated according to these criteria:
Fluency (speaking smoothly without too many pauses or repeats) ……50 %
Accuracy (relevance, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary) …………..50%
Total ……. ………………..100%
Passing rate ……………….. 60%
Important Notes:
Each student is given 1 minute to prepare and 3 to 4 minutes to answer the question.During the exam ,you will get a paper with a number that corresponds to each question.
The questions are easy but the teacher will look into your answers.You might have spoken a lot but if your answers are not substantial or does not give right information to answer the question; then, you will get a low or failing score.
          Contents: List of Oral Questions
  1. Do you like living in the countryside or in the city?
  2. Is it important to look good?  Why or why not?
  3. Should China continue its space program?  Why or why not?
  4. What makes a happy life?
  5. What do you do in your spare time?
  6. What kind of movies do you dislike?
  7. What do you plan to do during the next summer vacation?
  8. What music do you listen to?
  9. Would you like to be famous?
  10. What is your favorite time of day?
  11. Is it important to have goals in life?
  12. What is your favorite weather?
  13. How is college different to high school?
  14. What is your best memory from high school?
  15. Does beauty affect one's success in life?
  16. Why do you think culture is important?
  17. How useful do you think English is?
  18. What is your favorite way to travel?
  19. What is your best memory of childhood ?
  20. How does your family usually celebrate Chinese New Year?
  21. Have computers improved our lives?
  22. What motivates you to study?
  23. What do you like about China?
  24. Is it more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?
  25. In your opinion, what qualities are important in a friend?
  26. Should rich people help poor people?
  27. Who was your favorite teacher in high school?
  28. When did you last go on a holiday?  What was it like?
  29. If you hadn’t entered college, what job would you like to have?
  30. What kinds of books do you like?
How to answer the questions:
See example below:
Question: What is your hometown like? or Tell me about your hometown.
Usual answer:  My hometown is beautiful./ My hometown is very nice.
Very good answer: Although my hometown is not very famous or small , it has several advantages that make it a good place to live.
                                What are the advantages? Talk about it.
                                 Some example of the advantages/ideas you can discuss are...
                                First reason is beautiful nature...............discuss why it is an advantage    
                                Second reason is cheaper goods. ...............discuss why it is an advantage    
                                Final reason is warm people................discuss why it is an advantage
Question: What do you do in your free time?
Usual answer: In my free time I like to play sports.
Very good answer: In my free time, I do many different things, for example playing sports , listening to music, and going out with my friends.
                                Now you can discuss the three ideas below:
                                I play sports ...............discuss why you play sports and not climb the mountain ?
                                I listen to music ...............discuss why you listen to music when you can read books?
                                I go out with friends ...............discuss why you go out with your friends and not with others ?
Question: Do you prefer to go out or stay at home and cook a meal?
Usual answer: I prefer to stay  because I like cooking.
Very good answer: I love cooking in my own home because of some reasons: money reasons, health reasons and emotional reasons.
                                Now you can discuss the three ideas.
  First reasons is money reasons because...
  Second reasons is health reasons because ....
  Third reason is emotional reasons because...