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Welcome students...

Majority of students when faced with a writing task, students will react with comments like, "oh no not again" or "this is so boring"Why do you say that ? Because you lack confidence! And you can't find the right words, fear criticism and want to avoid the emotional turmoil experienced when faced with a topic and a blank piece of paper.

When you sit down doing nothing  ....start to write ... one sentence... two sentences... three sentences ...five sentences, then paragraph ...writing becomes easier and eventually last longer. This process will help you to have more words/vocabulary ,so you can write anything you want.If you do this regularly , writing becomes a habit and a hobby.

To create and write basic English is a requirement for many job skills , careers and effective business dealings. Nearly every job industry both in Western and Asian Countries require some English--speaking and writing skills.

So, let'sfind time to write and to enjoy writing.