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Writing Requirements & Grading System

  Grading System

Your entire grade is determined by your writing and participation , and will be based on the following format:

Weekly Writing Activity ( Weekly Journal ).........20 %
Class Involvement
    (Class work,Homework,Test )...................................40 %
Final …………………………...............................................40 %



This course is College English Writing - an introductory-level that requires extensive reading and writing.  Therefore, you will be reading and writing every day. I suggest that you help and teach each other to learn writing . Surely , hardworking students will pass.In everything we do,  there is a price. Being responsible is the key , if we want success.

1)  Writing - We will spend the majority of the class time on writing. Prewriting, Drafting, Editing & Revising, and Final Copy. We will be using the lessons in the Practical English Writing Book.Other materials necessary or resources will also be used to enhance your learning process.
2)  Grammar - Grammar is essential in writing but it is not the focus of this class. You have a grammar class , therefore , writing class is the place to apply what you have learned from the grammar course.
3)  Journal Writing - Students are required to have a weekly journal. A weekly journal is like a diary. You will be writing things that you have met or experienced , events or situations , good or bad , memorable or not memorable or anything worth writing for. The objective is to keep you writing in English.The journal will be collected for checking every three weeks.

Course Policies

1. Absence and Tardiness
Class attendance IS NOT a primary part of your grade.  However, it is essential that you attend class in order to understand what is expected of all writing tasks.The most concise way to describe this policy is to simply say that students are expected to be in class, on time and prepared.Five absences will reduce the student’s grade by 5% . Ten absences will reduce the student’s grade by 10 %. Eleven absences or more can result to automatic failure for the course. In addition, being on time is as important as being in class. Avoid being late to class as much as  possible.

2. Late Assignments
All homework are due at the beginning of class or on the date specified. Late homework will not be accepted (this includes papers that are late because of computer or printing problems).   If you foresee a problem with any assignment, please see me before the day it is due.

3.Class Participation
Participating in class means that students will be in class and on time. It also means that students are prepared for class, have done the required readings,participate honestly and cooperatively in class activities, and contribute regularly to class discussion. These are not unusual requirements, but rather they are the expected norm for class participation at the college level. 

3. Plagiarism / Copying
Copying from the internet or another person's words or ideas as your own is a serious problem of students in China.Just don't do it - doing it will result in failing the course.If you copied something , make sure to mention the name of the source at the end of the copied text.


1. The Practical English Writing Book
Every student is required to bring their book every class. Don’t attend class without book.

2. Notebook
Taking down notes is a way of learning. Smart people write notes daily or as necessary.

3. Padpaper
Students are expected to have a clean paper for writing  homework , classwork , and other writing activities.NO RUBBISH !

I am committed that you grow as a writer this semester, and you always have the option of coming to speak to me about drafts of your papers, assignments, or anything necessary.





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