We have five centers in our classroom that we use every day in a routine rotation.

Center #1-6 or less students

The Listening Center- children can hear listen to books, words, and much more being read to them. This has been proven a great teaching tool and the materials I will have available will be attractive to the students. 

Center #2 - 8 or less students

Reading Center- this center is designed to help students of all levels become better readers. I will not divide students in to the three groups so many schools do. I will have readers of all levels in each group. The advanced ones can choose different books to read aloud and the ones having a tougher time will get to hear other students read while working from where they are. I have researched and feel this will be the best way to reach success for everyone of my students.

Center #3- 4 students

Computer Center- Children will have a chance everyday to play around on the computer on designated websites I will put up for them each day. This center is a huge hit!

Center #4-3 students

Writing/ Drawing Center-  One table is set up with pencils, paper, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. I hope the students will just express themselves here

Center # 5-1 student

Time with Me- I care about your children and I want to be more than just a superior to them. I will sit with each student at least once a week and talk about things they are doing well and things they should spend more time on. If other conversations come up I will be very please.