Reading Log Questions

Reading Log

This is your reading homework assignment list.  Every night you should read the question you have to answer, read for 10 minutes and then write a reading log entry.  Each entry should have:

  • Date of Assignment
  • Title of Book
  • Author of Book
  • Pages Read
  • Question Number
  • Answer to question
  • Parent Signature

Each written response should be at least 4 sentences long.


  1. Choose 2 characters in the story that are different.  Tell the ways that they are different.
  2. Choose 2 characters in the story that are similar.  Tell the ways that they are similar.
  3. Write a letter to the main character giving him/her advice on his/her problem.
  4. Before you read, predict what you think will happen.  After you read, tell how your predictions were like or different what actually happened in the book.
  5. Choose your favorite character in the book.  Tell why this character is your favorite.
  6. Imagine you could meet the author of this book, tell what questions you would ask him or her.  Explain why you would ask those questions.
  7. Describe your book.  Tell if it is funny, exciting, boring, interesting, adventurous, sad, or something else.  Explain why you think so.
  8. What is the setting of your story?  Is the setting important to the story?  Why is it important or not important?
  9. Who are the main characters of your book?  What are their names?  How old are they? What do they do?  How do they look, act, and treat other characters?
  10. Tell what has happened in your book so far.  Briefly describe the plot by summarizing the events that have taken place.
  11. Imagine you could meet the main character of your book, tell what questions would you ask him/her.  Explain why you would ask those questions.
  12. Describe something you would like to change about your book (a character, the setting, an illustration, an event, something else).  How would you change it?  Why do you want to change this?  Explain how the author would feel about your change and why the author would feel that way. 
  13. Create a new illustration for your book.  Tell what you drew.  Explain why you choose to make this picture.
  14. What is the title of this book?  Is this a good title for this book?  Explain why or why not the title fits the book.
  15. Think of a new title for this book.  Why is this a good title for the book?  Use details from the text to explain why the title fits the book.
  16. How does your book make you feel?  Why?  Do you like this?  Why or why not?
  17. Tell several things that make your book interesting or boring.
  18. Choose a character in your story and compare yourself to this character.  How are you alike?  How are you different?  Why do you think this?
  19. Write a list of jobs the main character could do well.  Explain why the character would be good at these jobs.
  20. Did the main character seem like a real, true-to-life person?  Explain why or why not.
  21. Is the main character a person you would like to have as a friend?  Why or why not?
  22. Choose a character that is like someone you know.  In what ways is the character like this person?
  23. Write a letter to another person in the class and tell them what your book is about.  Should they read your book?  Why or why not?
  24. Who is the author of your book?  Who is the illustrator of your book?  Who is the publisher of your book?  What year was your book published?
  25. What are some reasons you decided to read this book?
  26. If you could be a character in your book, who would you be?  Why?
  27. What type of book are you reading?  Is it a mystery, fantasy, science fiction, humorous, fairy tale, adventure, etc.?  Explain how you know what type of book it is.
  28. If your book was going to be made into a TV show, describe what it would be like.  How would it be the same as or different from the book?
  29. If your book was going to be made into a video game, what would it be like?  Who would be in it?  What would you have to do when you played the game?  How would you get points?
  30. What is the most important event so far?  Why is this the most important event?  Describe what happened.  What characters were involved?  Where did the event take place?
  31. Write 3 facts and 3 opinions about what you have read.
  32. Share some new information about what you have read.
  33. Before you read, write 3 questions you would like to have answered by what you have read.  After you read, answer the questions as best you can.
  34. Pick one of the words from what you read that you think should be put on the word wall.  What does it mean?  How do you use it?  Why do we need this word on the word wall?
  35. Just read for 10 minutes, write the date, title, author and pages and get a parent’s signature.

Solutions to Common Problems

I forgot what question I’m supposed to do!

  • Call a friend (the phone numbers are in your planner) or check the class website.  If you can’t reach a friend, pick a question and answer it.  Write the question number.  You may not pick #35!

What if I can’t answer the question for my book?

  • If you can’t answer the question (for example, the question says pick an important event and there hasn’t been an important event yet) then pick another question.  Or you could write an answer explaining why you cannot answer the question.

I don’t understand the question I’m supposed to answer.

  • Ask someone in your house.  If they don’t understand, call a friend.  If no one has any clue then pick a different question.

I left my reading log at school!

  • Call a friend to find out what the question is or check the class website.  Write your answer on notebook paper and glue it in your reading log in school the next day.  If there is no one who can tell you the question, have someone in your family make up a question.

What should I do if I don’t have a book to read?

  • There are many places to get books if you do not have any at home.  The public library and the school library are both great places.  You can also borrow a book from the classroom.