Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Lesson Plan Link:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/183qlW26n8EZtS_p-Uq0Axx_7wi42NudlcHQlT7Lkhyk/edit

The ELA standards for 8th grade are highly rigorous have a deep emphasis in writing, analyzing literature, and understanding the English language.  Daily integration of grammar and vocabulary will be important for growth in writing and speaking effectively.  Reading, writing, poetry and research will be ongoing in 8th grade language arts.    

The units of study for this year are organized as follows:


Big Idea Focus:  Rites of Passage

Skill Focus: Literary Analysis and Expository Writing

Guiding Questions:

  • How does setting contribute to the conflict in a story?
  • How does an author create a character?
  • What rites of passage do characters and people go through?
  • How do literary elements create meaning?



Big Idea Focus:  Mystery and Suspense/ Passion Project 

Skill Focus: Literary Analysis and Research

Guiding question:

  • How does an author use characterization, setting, mood, and diction to create suspense?
  • How does an author use connotative diction, imagery, details, and figurative language to develop characterization?



Big Idea Focus: Challenges and Choices

Skill Focus: Argument and Characterization

Guiding Questions:

  • How do we deal with differences?
  • Why are we fearful of differences?
  • How important is communication to overcoming that fear?
  • Why do we fall into conformity/wanting to be
  • like others?
  • How does society encourage conformity?




Big Idea Focus: Nothing New Under the Sun

Skill Focus: Drama and allusions

Guiding question:

  • How does the past influence our culture?


Students will be required to read independently.  Please encourage your student to always be reading a book, fiction or nonfiction.  Students will be required to read a variety of genres throughout the year, although they can choose their book titles within these genre requirements. Classroom discussion about reading will also be an integral part of meeting the listening and speaking standards in our course of study.