First Grade News

We have had a great first two weeks!

Reminders:  Don't forget to join the PTO.  Membership is $5.00.

Students may wear blue jeans and a school t-shirt each Friday unless they have a discipline referral from the office.

The Scholastic Book order has been placed.  The books that you ordered should be in very soon.  If you did not get a chance to order books this month, I will be sending a new flyer home soon.

Please remember to bring a snack and a drink for your child each day.

Please help your child learn his/her lunch number.

A take home papers folder will be sent home each week.  Please take the papers out of the folder and keep them at home.  Please send the empty folder back to school.  This folder will contain papers that your child has completed during the week.  Many of the papers are things that your child completed independently during center time.  Some of the items we may have completed as a class.  These papers are not graded.  If you ever receive another student's work in this folder, just please send it back to school.  The students put their papers in their own cubbies, so sometimes they may not always stick them in the right place.


ABSENCES:  Make sure you send a note within 3 days of your child's absence.  Notes received after 3 days will result in an unexcused absence.

BUS NOTES:  You will let me know at the beginning of school how your child will routinely go home.  If there is a change in the way they go home I will need a note IN WRITING about the change.  If I do not receive a note about the change I must send your child home the way that they usually go.  I can't put "Suzy" on the bus just because she says that you told her to ride the bus home today.  This is for your child's safety.

LATE ARRIVALS:  Please make sure your child is in my classroom by 8:00 each morning.  If you arrive after 8:00 your child must go by the office to receive a tardy slip to be admitted into the classroom.

MESSAGE FOLDER:  A folder will come home with your child every day.  This folder will have all of the important info that you will need for your child.  The folder may include homework, notes, behavior charts, etc....  Please check this folder each day to make sure that you get all of the info you need.