Pe Grading Rubric

I did all I was asked and more, that's why got a  4laugh

I did what you asked of me, that's why I got a     3smiley

There was more that I could do, that's why I got a      2indecision

I did not do what should have been done, that's why got a   1sad

At the end of each trimester a grade will be printed on a report card and students who average out a 4 will earn a grade of excellent those with a 3 have earned a good, those with a 2 fair and those children with a 1  poor.

The Do's in the Gymnasium/Field


Wear sneakers,mask, and comfortable clothing

Walk in and be in control

Sit and listen silently for the directions (pax)

Keep your hands /body/ feet off all of the equipment and others. 

Be respectful to others and self

Play/Share with everyone

Try everything

Help when needed

Stop when the signal is given


Have fun


Put things away when asked- the first time.

Line up when asked- the first time.