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This website is a tool for the students presently enrolled in Business Document Processing and Business Data Applications/Multimedia.  Here students will find the lab rules, topics for their required journal entries, assignments, and other information as needed. 

Parents are encouraged to check this website for information about the assignments and tasks required of their student(s).

Any questions or comments are welcome.  Contact Kathy O’Neal, Department Chair, at

What is Business and Computer Science? 

In this department we teach the skills and knowledge all students need to be a success in the world of business—no matter what career you choose to pursue.  With three business teachers on staff at Toombs County High School, we offer many courses of interest to our students.

The courses being taught for this year include:

Business Essentials-an introduction into all aspects of business

Computer Applications – the introductory course in computers, this course teaches students to type correctly, to format documents like letters, memos, and reports, and to use a computer effectively

Business Document Processing – the second course in computers, this course teaches students to use a word processing program and its many time saving features

Business Data Applications/Multimedia – the third course in computers, this course teaches students spreadsheets, databases, the internet, desktop publishing, presentation software, movie making, and web page design.

Accounting I – this course teaches students the correct methods for keeping track of the flow of funds in a business.

Legal Environments – a course that teaches how laws are made, how laws affect us as consumers, and the basics every citizen should know.

Banking and Personal Finance – a course for educating students in financial literacy, the world of work, finances, and budgeting

Investing – an introduction in how to make money beyond the paycheck, to buffer themselves against inflation in consumer prices, and to prepare for retirement

Other courses are offered in addition to these and the teachers’ schedules are planned according to the needs and requests of the students.

An integral part of the Business and Computer Science Program is FBLA.

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America – is a co-curricular student organization for business students that will give them additional opportunities in the classroom and beyond.  Members of this organization become involved in their school, their community, their state, their nation and their world. 

Some past activities and accomplishments of our members include: 

 Leadership Development

 State Officer
 Region Officer
 Local Chapter Officer
 State Leadership Conferences in Macon, Athens, and Atlanta
 National Leadership Conferences in Atlanta, Chicago, Jacksonville, and New Orleans
 Business Achievement Awards Program
 Monthly Business Meetings
Scholarships and Awards
 Outstanding Business Leader Scholarship
 National Winner Cash Award
  State Winner Cash Award
Competitive Events
 Outstanding Chapter of the Year
 Gold Chapter of the Year
 1st Place—National Conference—Electronic Career Portfolio
 1st and 2nd Place—State Conference—Electronic Career Portfolio
 2nd Place—State Conference – Parliamentary Procedure
 2nd Place—State Conference – Networking Design
 3rd Place—State Conference – Impromptu Speaking
 4th Place—State Conference – Business Document Processing
 5th, 6 th, and 7th Places—State Conference – Global Business
 6th Place—Multimedia Presentations
 7th Place—State Conference – Business Law
Community Service
 American Red Cross Blood Drives
 Elementary School Field Day Assistants
 Visits to Nursing Homes
 Letters to American Soldiers
 Local Voting Board Assistants
 Miss Lyons Pageant
 Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sales
 Candle Sales
 Calendar Sales
Social Activities
 Membership Recruitment Party
 Halloween Party
 Christmas Party and Secret Santa
 FBLA Week Celebration
 Business Achievement Award Recipient Luncheon
 Member Recognition/Awards Dinner

Students are strongly encouraged to join this organization. FBLA will provide students with competitive skills needed for competition and students can gain skills that will give them the edge to compete in the real world. Membership in this organization can afford students with many connections, references, and achievements to add to their resumes for work and for college.  Since the standards of the business program require that many of the FBLA criteria be incorporated into the classroom, students will be required to complete assignments in the classroom directly related to this organization.  All students will receive grades for these assignments.  However, students who are members of FBLA will also receive recognition for these assignments through the FBLA organization.   

Membership dues for 2008-2009 are $20.  Students enrolled in Business Document Processing or Business Data Applications/Multimedia are offered a discounted rate of $12 if the dues are paid by September 15.



“A most important key to successful leadership is your ability to direct and challenge the very best that is in those whom you lead.”