CLASSROOM RULES:  To ensure a smooth, well-functioning classroom environment, the following rules will be observed:

1.       No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab.

2.       Classroom books must remain at the assigned workstations.

3.       Follow Daily Classroom Routine  (see below).

4.       Show respect for your teacher by giving her your attention when she is speaking and keeping up with the assignment as she is teaching.

5.       All students will be given a personal login and password.  This password must be kept private so that the student’s work is kept safe.  Students should memorize the password.  Passwords will not be given out every day.

6.       If you are having problems with your computer, please make the teacher aware of these problems as soon as they arise.

7.       No one is to make changes to the computer settings.

8.       No one is allowed on the Internet except to check the website for an assignment or as otherwise directed by the teacher.  Failure to comply with this rule can mean that the student has his/her Internet use restricted or blocked completely.

9.       At no time are students allowed to check personal email.  The Multimedia class will use email to interact with the teacher but no other mail should be opened or generated in the business lab.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in the student not being allowed to use the Internet at all.  

10.   Students are responsible for their work space.  Straighten up desks, throw away trash, and place chair under the desk before leaving each day.

11.   Make-up work must be completed within three days of an absence.  This must be done before or after school, not during class.  DO NOT get behind in these classes as it will put you at an extreme disadvantage.  Remember this when scheduling absences from school! 

12.   All work for this class must be completed in this classroom.  Under NO circumstances will students be allowed to bring work to class on a storage medium (disk, flash drive, etc.).



1.       Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

2.       Log on to computer.

3.       Open software needed for class.

4.       Open text to assignment page.

5.       Log on to webpage and pick a topic to respond to in your journal.

6.       Open journal page in your file and make entry according to assigned topic—Keep this short and to the point!

7.       Be ready to start day’s lesson.

8.       At end of period:

a.       Save assignment

b.      Log out of computer

c.       Close and store textbook


Be in class every day.  A computer class is different from other classes students take in high school.  Since the purpose of the class is to teach the student important computer skills, it is important that all students are present every day.  When a student is absent, they miss the teacher instruction and have to work through that part of the lesson on their own.  One rule is that all lesson work be completed in the classroom so getting caught up can be hard, especially if a student is absent often or for several days in a row.

Keep up with handouts and notes.  NEVER throw away instructions on how to do something (like saving your work in the correct place!)

Be careful with your files.  It is your responsibility to correctly save your work.  If you do not save it correctly and in the correct place, it may be impossible for you to find the work and this will affect your grade.

Be patient.  Computers will sometimes do mean things, like shut down or quit working at the worst time.  Save work frequently to avoid major problems and disappointment.  Also bear in mind that there may be as many as 28 students but there is only one teacher.  Questions and help will be available as soon as the teacher can get to you.  Also bear in mind that listening to your classmates’ questions very often will answer your questions.

Keep a positive attitude.  Sometimes students find some things hard to do or to learn, but a willingness on the part of the student to learn and to keep trying will go a long way towards success.  By the end of the year, I have never had a student say that this class was a waste of time or that they did not learn something cool!