Materials Needed:

                Notebook—Binder with pockets and notebook paper

                Writing instrument—pen or pencil



In this course, high school students can acquire advanced skills required to create, edit, and publish industry appropriate documents. Areas of study will also include oral and written communications and information research for reporting purposes. Competencies for the co-curricular student organization, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), are integral components of both the core employability skills standards and technical skill standards.



Students will:

·         Show understanding of the program by completing assignments and tasks;

·         Utilize program(s) by completing additional assignments to strengthen basic skills; and

·         Learn relevant vocabulary.


The teacher will facilitate the learning of word processing software using classroom textbook.  Students will complete all chapter reading and exercises.  At the end of each chapter, students will complete a chapter review and one or more projects to demonstrate abilities to use software correctly.  At the end of each unit, students will complete a unit review and cumulative projects.

Additional assignments to be completed include:

·         A career unit portfolio

·         FBLA FRIDAYS-FBLA co-curricular assignments (at least five each semester)

·         Four current event summaries (two each semester)

·         Four ethical case studies (two each semester)

·         Two technical writing assignments (one per semester)

·         Two book reports on an assigned reading (one per semester)


As a part of the Business curriculum, students are required to demonstrate professional growth and employability skills.Since every student will be required to complete the necessary class assignments related to the co-curricular organization (ie. FBLA Friday’s), students are strongly encouraged to join FBLA, the business student organization.  FBLA will provide students with competitive skills needed for competition and students can gain skills that will give them the edge to compete in the real world. Membership in this organization can afford students with many connections, references, and achievements to add to their resumes for work and for college.  Membership dues for 2008-2009 are $20.  Students enrolled in Business Document Processing or Business Data Applications/Multimedia are offered a discounted rate of $12 if the dues are paid by September 15.


Students who join the organization can use these assignments to drop their lowest grade or replace other assignments by agreement of the teacher and student in advance.  These assignments can also gain recognition for the student through their participation in FBLA.


All computer assignments must be completed in the classroom.  Additional assignments may be completed outside of class when appropriate.

·         25% of grade will come from the completion of Lesson Assignments.  Files will be graded for completeness.

·         40% of grade will come from the Unit Assignments.  Files will be graded for completeness and accuracy.

·         30% of grade will come from the Additional Assignments.  These assignments will be graded for completeness, following instructions, and accuracy.

·         5 % of grade will come from the Journal Entries.   Entries will be graded for completeness.


Students can earn additional points based on the following criteria:

·         Being in class on time and in your seat working EVERY DAY!

·         Having materials needed for class.

·         Conduct and behavior.

·         Participation in class.

·         Completion of class assignments in a timely manner.


A website has been created to be used in this class.  Students will use the website for creating their journal entries and to keep up with the daily assignments.  Parents are encouraged to check this website for information about the assignments and tasks required of their student(s).


Any questions or comments are welcome.  Contact Kathy O’Neal, Department Chair, at