Each day you will be required to make a journal entry.  I will provide you with several topics to choose from that are based on a character trait for the month.  You will write at least one paragraph about the topic you chose, answering the question(s) in the choice.  Sentences should be complete and grammatically correct.  The entries will be graded based on how well they relate to the topic, answer the question(s), and simple grammar.  Many of the topics ask for an opinion.  Your grade will not be based on your opinion—it is important for you to develop your own ideas about things and not be penalized for them. AUGUST TOPIC

CHOICES: The character trait for August is HOPE.  

  • Determination to work for the best  
  • Refusal to give in to despair  
  • Willingness to look for the best in people and situations
 August 12:

Joseph Priestley of England discovered oxygen in 1774. Chemistry was Priestley's hobby; he made his living as a minister. He is only one of many people who have become more famous for his hobby than for his work. What is your favorite hobby? What are some things about it that you enjoy? People living in three small communities in a remote area of the Alps banded together in 1291 to protect themselves from outside invaders who claimed their territory. This tiny group eventually grew into the nation of Switzerland. Have you ever heard of something small that grew into something important? List 4 things that seem small or unimportant but can have a major impact on your life. In 1715, theater owner Thomas Doggett sponsored a boat race on the River Thames in London to celebrate the crowning of King George I. It has been held every year since, and may be the longest-running annual sporting event in the world. If you were going to start an annual contest or sporting event, what kind of event would you like to start? What are four rules you would make for your event?