Classroom Grading Policy

Stanadrds Based Classroom

Standards-based education is a process for planning, delivering, monitoring and improving academic programs in which clearly defined academic content standards provide the basis for content in instruction and assessment.

  • Standards help ensure students learn what is important, rather than allowing textbooks to dictate classroom practice.
  • Student learning is the focus - aiming for a high and deep level of student understanding that goes beyond traditional textbook-based or lesson-based instruction.

A standards-based system:

  • measures its success based on student learning (the achievement of standards) rather than compliance with rules and regulations.
  • aligns policies, initiatives, curriculum, instruction, and assessments with clearly defined academic standards.
  • consistently communicates and uses standards to focus on ways to ensure success for all students.
  • uses assessment to inform instruction.

We use the numerical system of 1, 2, and 3

1= Does not meet the Standards

2= In progress toward the Standards

3= Meets or Exceeds the Standards