Mrs. Dooley’s Classroom Newsletter

Friday, January 20, 2012


Students earning Bobcat Bucks have a little different way of turning them in to the office. The students can choose a bag in which to put their Bucks. Each bag has a different prize associated with it. Some of the prizes include $10 gift card to Game Stop, Subway lunch for you and three friends, a 4-foot cardboard dinosaur students can color, and a few others. Students can decide how many of their Bucks they would like to put in which bag. At our monthly assembly on Tuesday, January 31, Mrs. Peters will be drawing winners. In addition, that assembly will have Minute-to-Win-It activities. Students who have less than 2 tardies or refocuses are eligible.


For English this week, we worked on writing a compare and contrast essay. The students told how two animals were alike and different. They also took a grammar section in their reading unit test. Next week, we will be studying singular and plural pronouns.



Our spelling words this week have been homophones. It is a combination of words the students have had before and some new homophones. The words next week will be contractions. Students will need to remember to include an apostrophe in the correct place. We will be having our pretest Monday and final test Friday next week.



We are currently studying electricity and magnetism. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students made series and parallel circuits in class using wires, a battery, light bulbs, and light bulb holders. We also started talking about magnetism. Next week, the students will investigate making electromagnets. We should be done with our chapter by next Friday and taking a test the following Monday or Tuesday.


Social Studies

Students took their states and capitals quiz last Friday. Those that have not passed are staying inside for part of recess to retake it until they pass. They are also working on their next chapter.



This past week we took our unit 3 test. The scores will be coming home the beginning of next week. We will be starting our next unit, Mysteries and Puzzles next week. Our first story is The Houdini Box. It is a story about the great magician, Harry Houdini. It is a realistic fiction story that does give some facts on Houdini’s real life.



We finished our chapter on analyzing and graphing data today. We will not be taking a test over this chapter. Next week, we will be starting a unit on geometry. We will be having a geometry “help sheet.” We will be adding vocabulary in each lesson. The vocabulary sheet will have the word, an example, and how label the figure. This chapter is usually a little easier for students since it has to do with figures and shapes. We are also doing math during ala carte. This past week we did some ISAT practice from the back of our book. Next week, we will be doing a little extended response on Monday and going over the packet, which was sent home today, on Thursday. We will also be doing more practice on the other days.


Upcoming Events

Monday, January 23

Book Orders Due


Thursday, January 26

Choose Your Adventure Night


Tuesday, January 31

PBIS Monthly Incentive Assembly



Reminder: Recess will be outside unless the temperature is less than 30 degrees. Students need to make sure they are dressing appropriately for the colder weather. A sweatshirt will not be warm enough anymore and students will not be allowed outside without a coat.