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English--Amelia & Eleanor


An adverb tells how, where, or when an action happens. An adverb usually describes a verb. For example, slept late. "Late" is an adverb that describes the action "slept." An adverb can be written before or after the verb it describes. Adverbs that tell how something happens or happened often end in --ly. For example: slowly walked.  


Add Verbs Play this adverb game with a family member. Write down several verbs on squares of paper or ntoe cards and shuffle them. Have Player 1 flip over a verb card, so that Player 2 can think of an appropriate adverb to add to the verb. Once Player 2 has said an adverb that makes sense with the verb on the card, Player 1 should flip over another card. See how many correct responses Player 2 can get in one minute. Switch roles, and repeat the activity, now timing Player 1. 

Get 2 Months for $5!