Subject and Object Pronouns

Pronouns used as the subject of a sentence are called subject pronouns. I, you, he, she, it, we, you, and they can be subject pronouns. For example: He went to Brazil in February. "He is a subject pronoun. Pronouns that can follow action verbs are called object pronouns. Me, you, him, her, it us, you, and them can be object pronouns. Use the correct pronoun when there is a compound subject. For example: Ted called Jen and me. "Me" is an object pronoun. Be careful not to confuse the two kinds of pronouns in your writing.



Chart the Part Write sentences that include pronouns, and then draw diagrams to show if the pronouns are subject or objects. First, circle the subjects. Then draw arrows from the subjects toward the objects. Make sure you use your subject and object pronouns correctly.