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Irregular Plural Nouns

Most nouns are changed from their singlar forms to their plural forms by adding an -s or an -es. For example: bird/birds, beach/beaches. Some nouns, however, are made plural in other ways, such as by changing their spelling. For example: tooth/teeth. Some nouns have the same singular and plural forms. For example: sheep/sheep, fish/fish. Plural nouns that are made by one of these other methods are called irregular plural nouns.



Animal Memory; On a separate note cards, write the names of the following animals and draw a picture of each of them: fish, deer, goose, ox, mouse, and moose. On separate note cards, write the plural form of each mame and draw a picture to go with it. Mix the cards up and turn them facing down. Try to match the singular nouns to their irregular plural forms by plaing a game of memory with a family member.