English--Grandfather's Journey

Subjects and Predicates

No sentence is complete without both a subject and a predicate. The subject is the word or group of words about which something is said in the sentence. The predicate of a sentence is the word or group of words that tell something about the subject. All the words in the subject are called the complete subject. The subject's central noun or pronoun is called the simple subject. All the words in the predicate are called the complete predicate. The predicate's verb is called the simple predicate. For example: My friend Paul likes Mexican food. In the example, "My friend Paul" is the complete subject, and "Paul" is the simple subject. "Likes Mexican food" is the complete predicate, and "likes" is the simple predicate.


Collaborative TaleĀ Write a short story together. Have one person writ ethe subject of every sentence and the other person write the predicate. Switch roles halfway through the story.