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Irregular Verbs

Some verbs use a new spelling to form the past tense (wrote, ate, ran) and a different spelling to form the past tense with has or have (has written, have eaten, had run). These are called irregular verbs. For example: to go/went/had gone; to drink/drank/had drunk; to lie/lay/had lain; to break/broke/had broken; to feel/felt/had felt. Because the spelling changes in irregular verbs do not follow any simple pattern, each irregular verb's forms must be memorized one at a time.



Irregular Sentences Use the irregular verbs listed above to write eight sentences following this pattern: He (writed/wrote) this book. In the parentheses, list two verb forms-one correct and one incorrect. Have a familiy member read each sentence aloud, then circle the correct form. When you are done, trade roles.