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Plural Pronouns

A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. Pronouns can be used as the subject of a sentence or in its predicate. For example: Alice Bennett gave the book of magic tricks to her cousin John Bennett. She gave it to him. In the second sentence, "she" is a prounoun that stands in for "Alice Bennett," "it" stands in for "the book of magic tricks," and "him" replaces "her cousin John Bennett." We, you, they, us and them are plural pronouns. The pronoun you can be singular or plural. Be sure to match the correct pronoun to the noun it replaces.



Pronoun Parade Make a chart of the people in your family (pets, too) and the singular and plural nouns you'd use to talk about them. Then add to your chart groups such as your school, your community, and your neighbors. List the singular and plural pronouns you'd use in place of these nouns.