Math--Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Understand Division

Lesson 1: Divide with Remainders. Objective: To divide numbers that do not divide evenly.

Lesson 2: Hands On: Model Division. Objective: To model division using base-ten blocks.

Lesson 3: Division Procedures. Objective: To divide using division procedures.

Lesson 4: Problem Solving Strategy: Predict and Test. Objective: To solve problems using the strategy predict and test.

Lesson 5: Mental Math: Division Patterns. Objective: To use basic facts and patterns to find quotients mentally.


Vocabulary: division, divisor, quotient, dividend, remainder

division: the process of sharing a number of items to find how many groups can be made or how many items will be in a group

divisor: the number that divides in a division problem

quotient: the number, not including the remainder, that results from dividing

dividend: the number that is divided in a division problem

remainder: the amount left over after you find a quotient



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