Math--Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Understand Fractions

Lesson 1: Read and Write Fractions. Objective: To read and write fractions.

Lesson 2: Equivalent Fractions. Objective: To find equivalent fractions.

Lesson 3: Compare and Order Fractions. Objective: To compare and order fractions using two-color counters and fraction bars.

Lesson 4: Problem Solving Strategy: Make a Model. Objective: To solve problems by usin the strategy make a model.

Lesson 5: Mixed Numbers. Objective: To read, write, and compare mixed numbers and to express fractions greater than 1 as mixed numbers.


Vocabulary: number line, greater than (>), less than (<), order, fraction, numerator, denominator, equivalent fractions, simplest form, mixed number

number line: a line with equally spaced tick marks named by numbers

greater than (>), less than (<): symbols used to compare two numbers

order: arrange in numerical sequence from least to greatest or greatest to least

fraction: a number that can name part of a whole

numerator:  the part of a fraction that tells how many parts of a whole are being considered

denominator: the part of a fraction that tells how many equal parts are in a whole

equivalent fraction: two or more fractions that name the same amount

simplest form: a fraction where 1 is the only number that can be divided equally into its numerator and denominator

mixed number: an amount written as a whole number and a fraction


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