Math--Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Outcomes and Probability

Lesson 1: Hands On: Record Outcomes. Objective: To record outcomes of experiments sing tables.

Lesson 2: Predict Outcomes of Experiments. Objective: To predict outcomes of experiments.

Lesson 3: Probability as a Fraction. Objective: To write the probability of a simple event.

Lesson 4: Hands On: More About Probablity. Objective: To predict outcomes and compare with actual results.

Lesson 5: Combinations. Objective: To find the number of possible outcomes using a tree diagram.

Lesson 6: Problem Solving Strategy: Make an Organized List. Objective: To solve problems by using the strategy make an organized list.


Vocabulary: certain, impossible, outcomes, event, likely, unlikely, equally likely, mathematical probability, tree diagram

certain: an event is certain if it will always happen

impossible: an event is impossible if it will never happen

outcomes: possible results of an experiment

event: one outcome or a set of outcomes

likely:  having a greater than even chance of occuring

unlikely: having a less than even chance of occuring

equally likely: having the same chance of occuring

mathematical probability: the number of favorable outcomes compared to the number of possible outcomes

tree diagram: a display of all possible combinations or outcomes


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