Math--Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Perimeter of Plane Figures

Lesson 1: Hands On: Explore Perimeter. Objective: To measure the perimeter of polygons using nonstandard and standard units.

Lesson 2: Estimate and Find Perimeter. Objective: To use formulas to find the perimeter of polygons.

Lesson 3: Hands On: Circumference. Objective: To explore finding the circumference of a circle.

Lesson 4: Problem Solving Skill: Use a Formula. Objective: To use the problem solving skill use a formula to solve problems.


Vocabulary: polygon, variable, perimeter, formula, circumference

polygon: a closed place figure that has straight sides and that is named by the number of its sides and angles

variable: a letter that can stand for any number

perimeter: the distance  around a closed figure

formula: a mathematical rule that is expressed with symbols

circumference: the distance around a circle



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