Math-Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Understand Time

Lesson 1: Telling Time. Objective: To read and write time to the nearest minute and second.

Lesson 2: Elapsed Time. Objective: To calculate elapsed time  using clocks and schedules.

Lesson 3: Problem Solving Skill: Sequence Information. Objective: To solve problems by using the skill sequence information.

Lesson 4: Elapsed Time on a Calendar. Objective: To find elapsed time using a calendar


Vocabulary:  minute, A.M., P.M., seconds, elapsed time, century, decade

minute:      a unit to measure a short amount of time. 60 minutes = 1 hour

A.M.:         before noon

P.M.:      after noon

seconds:  a small amount of time. 60 seconds = 1 minute

elapsed time:  the time that passes from the start to the end of an activity

century:  a unit of time equal to 100 years

decade:  a unit of time equal to 10 years


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